Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Late News...............

CDR Salamander​: So long, fair Sea Control Ship

Tension Easing after Standoff between Peshmerga and Iraqi Troops in Dibis

Planeloads of Syrian currency exposed, but does the Kremlin care?

Sen. Durbin outlines liberal plan to avert 'fiscal cliff'

Gun, Ammo Sales Skyrocket in Wake of Obama Reelection

CDR Salamander​: So, is this a down?

10-year-ol​d girl's laptop confiscate​d after copyright offense

Taking Back the Academy

Communist Party reports on Kim Jong Un being named 'Sexiest Man Alive'

Army Delays Robotic First Sergeant PRC-E8 Program

The AP Won't Let You Call 'Homophobi​a' Homophobia

The priest, concealed carry, and the stalker

GOP senators: We're "more disturbed" after meeting with Amb. Rice than we were before

Iconic Images from the Most Valuable Camera in the History of Photograph​y

Starbucks’ new super-expe​nsive coffee: Worth it?

Like OMG! Scientists have sequenced Bigfoot DNA !!!!!!

Airbus Ads Jab Boeing With Pinocchio Nose

More Facebook friends cause more stress, study claims

Kabul Bank 'diverted £540 million to group of 12 in massive fraud'

Syria: warplanes bomb olive press factory, killing 20

Report: Actual US Debt Exceeds $86 Trillion

President-for-Life, King of the World paving the way for Messiahship

Obama Continues to Avoid Meeting Congress in the Flesh

Masses clash with police in Egypt, call for Morsi's ouster

Sanitising Hamas in the worship of power

Mystery: Virginia gun violence falls as gun sales soar

Budget talks delay Geithner departure

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