Friday, 9 November 2012


Admiral James Stavridis Cleared

Communist Party USA Leader Hails Obama’s Reelection as the “Dawn of a New Era”

Army private offers lesser plea in WikiLeaks case

Noonan: 'People Are Afraid of Change'

Michael Barone: Republicans Find Refuge in the House


Follow the Money: Turkish Cash Flows from Europe, Not the Gulf

Obama re-electio​n energizes environmen​tal agenda

Marines egged while collecting toy donations

Boehner draws line on higher tax rates

Obama Won the Catholic Vote Despite His Attacks on the Church

Election clears way for U.S. to sell GM shares

How Obama can buck Congress

Changes expected to Obama's team Ob​ama Didn’t Win Single State That Required Voter ID: Dirty Tricks? Obama the moderate Republican​: What the 2012 election should teach the GOP

Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans '

Don't like the licence fee? Simple. Don't pay it'

Argentina: hundreds of thousands protest against Kirchner

Banana war ends after more than two decades

10,000 bottles of red wine found in abandoned Chinese house

Belgium to issue stamps that taste of chocolate

New York mayor declares fuel rationing after Sandy

Budget Disarray - US Set to Restage Greek Tragedy Buying the Election -

Liberal Super PACs spend $200M to secure Democratic victories

Valerie Jarrett Leading Secret Talks With Iran Supreme Leader

China Seen Within 2 Years of Having Active Sub-Based Nuke Deterrent

Turkish Request Still Pending for NATO Missile Interceptors Near Syria

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