Thursday, 20 December 2012

Desperate Jews..................from Dan Friedman

While America’s left-leaning and liberal Jewish community (fully 70%) has been obsessively repeating the hypnotic “peace process” mantra, back here on earth, Israel has overtaken America as leader of the Jewish world. Perfect timing, since Israel and American Jews are moving in the opposite direction. If you want proof, here’s a story from today’s Times of Israel about the new political consensus. And if you want evidence of the ensuing hysteria and desperation that has come over our Jewish intelligentsia in the wake of this tectonic shift, here’s exhibit A. Seems to me, the (T.) Friedmans, Goldbergs, Beinarts and J Streets of this world – and their petulant rants - have become irrelevant to the debate about Israel. Literally and figuratively, they’re talking to themselves.

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