Thursday, 20 December 2012

MS working on PHD......................from Rico

Not to 'bother' the regulators.....hahahahahahaha, that's hilarious.....over their eggs Benedict or donuts, or whatever they do instead of their purported jobs, but can they 'spot' the usual COMEX open on these spot price charts? Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along and ignore the criminal activity. That's a nice, retail investor.
- I know anyone else certainly can!

Yup! Just another fabricated 'magical' waterfall event in a thinly-traded market trying to run the stops by the paper meisters of the universe.
- As Lloyd Blankfein once said 'doing God's work' (and making a pretty penny at it, too I must add).

This reminds me of an old school joke.
- You know what BS stands for, don't you?
- OK, then how about MS? It's More of the Same.
- Then PHD? That's just Piled High and Deeper.

Consider this an explanation of the paper-market manipulators...
- Also consider this an opportunity to copy the Chinese for a change (instead of vice versa) and buy physical bullion whether it's in the ground or at the coin shop. When you do, don't forget to join me in 'thanking' the Cartel for a swell Christmas present!

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