Thursday, 13 December 2012

How? Why? What? Answers..................from Rico

- How can the public be so blissfully clueless and unaware? How can politicians be so immoral? How can the MSM be so incurious?

- Why are the paper spot prices for Gold and Silver reliably monkey-hammered [read: blatantly manipulated] around FOMC and BLS announcements, and Treasury auctions? Why are there no consequences for this 'redistribution' of wealth [read: theft]?

- What is the 'real' unmanipulated value of precious metals?
- It's very clear that the BIG question, the proverbial 8-ton gorilla in the room has to do with preservation of purchasing power than anything else. Conventional assets and conventional asset allocations are failing just as the currencies used to denominate them are failing

- QB asset management seems to have hit the mark with these two charts. It seems reasonable to assume the 'real' price of Gold and Silver is somewhere between the manipulated paper spot price and their projected value.
- For those who seriously have NO IDEA of what is happening behind the curtain, I have a less elegant thesis. An America stupid enough not only to elect, but then re-elect an arguable Marxist-Muslim loving-Moron is indeed too stupid to figure the game out, and thus present a one-frame cartoon that might be mentally 'accessible' for them.

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