Thursday, 13 December 2012

Late News...........

Forced unionizati​on of in-home care workers back on Minnesota agenda

NATO chief says regime in Syria is 'approachi​ng collapse,' fall now 'just a matter of time'

Musings On Iraq: Why Saddam Hussein Did Not See The United States As A Military Threat Before The 2003 Invasion

CDR Salamander​: Muslims love those who deny God exists, right?

Rememberin​g Nanking

Insider Trading at Playboy: The SEC Case Against Christie Hefner's Husband Revealed

NWFSC to honor Doolittle Raiders

Vt. governor visits F-35 school

Florida Issuing Record Number Of Concealed Weapons Permits

Some disturbed by lack of respect on Pearl Harbor Day

Blue Wahoos Announce New Manager, Riggleman Heads To Louisville

A Flori-duh moment in Miami

Senate Democrats Urge Undoing of ObamaCare

Sailor Sentenced To 30 Days In Okinawa After Falling Asleep On Watch

Syrian Scuds cause a big bang

Interview With Hot Dog Vendor Attacked By Union Goons: Attacker Wore Occupy-Style Guy Fawkes Mask, Hurled Racial Epithets…

Great news: Your permanent record is now available on demand

The rest of the story on Lansing union thugs

Afghan Progress, Challenges​, ORBAT

Assad Losing Syria, Say Russia and NATO

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival sells out in less than four minutes

'Control freak' ministers ban MPs from military bases

Cruise ship row 'strangling' Falklands

Obama Spending More Time Partying than on Fiscal Cliff

US uniforms, like those used in insider attacks, still found in Kabul shops

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