Friday, 4 January 2013


First Drone Strike of the Year, Maulvi Nazir Down

U.S. Marine to diane feinstein: "i am not your subject -- i am the person you serve" .... leave it to the marines, to say it absolutely right ....

Low river levels reveal WWII boats

Do Republican​s really have leverage now?

Reasonable Reid threw Obama cliff offer into a fire after he was booted from negotiatio​ns

NASA mulls plan to drag asteroid into moon's orbit

The EPA: Rogue and Dangerous

The culture war is over, and conservati​ves lost

CDC: 1 in 24 admitted falling asleep while driving

Editorial: Sick of Congress?

Diners beware: Black youth trying to upgrade their cell-phone plan at your expense

Hmm: Utah's existing health exchange gets conditiona​l nod from feds

California​: Invasion of the job-snatch​ers

The Greece of Asia Japan's Growing Sovereign Debt Time Bomb

European Court of Justice "Lacking Any Foundation in Law"

Will Iran’s Nuclear Program Kill Millions Without Launching a Missile?

A ‘Sudanese Genocide’ in Egypt?

The New Eyes in East Asia’s Skies

Meet Microsoft, the world's best kept R&D secret

New Hampshire is for ladies: How did the state come to be ruled by women?

Law Center Warns Congress Not To Certify 2012 Election Due To Obama Election Fraud

Record number of women in Congress out to change tone

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