Friday, 4 January 2013

The Cover, not the Cause. Again.................from Rico

It's hard to take the Financial Media with any seriousness these days, not with a grain of salt, nor even a mouthful.

I'm reading absolute drivel like "Gold Tanks After Fed Minutes."
- Puh-lease!!!

NO, this was merely (a) "cover" for, (b) an "excuse" for, (c) the "signal" for (pick one, several, or all of the preceeding) the USUAL, expected, typical, orchestrated, pre-planned Cartel paper raid on the spot markets timed around the NFP release (which happens tomorrow...and YES, I already had my calendar 'flagged' many days ago for both events: "NFP report & expect RAID").

Only a moron, or the bought-and-paid-for CFTC regulators could not have 'seen' this coming. Again.
- Forgive the redundancy.

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