Friday, 11 January 2013

Pick a soup....................from Rico

Medical emergency! New York has declared a "flu epidemic" and is telling everyone to get a flu shot.
- Never mind that the shot does NOT protect anyone from the strain going around (AH3N2).

Let's do some basic math, the kind they 'used to teach' before Jimmuh Carter established the Dept of Education and guaranteed that children would henceforth be functional illiterates....but I digress.
- 19,000 reported flu cases, a population just over 8 million=two tenths of one percent!!!!!!

Now there's a good reason to declare an 'epidemic' and scare the low-information sheeple....for their own good, of course.
- Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to manufacture it out of thin air.

Pick a soup.
- Bloomberg & Cuomo cream of bullshit soup, or
- Matzah Ball soup?

Fair disclosure: I add a lot of chopped garlic to my Matzah Ball soup, both for flavor and to ward off "progressives"...I just had a bowl, and it was great!

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