Friday, 1 February 2013

As I Live & Breathe! NYT Discovers Sharia.............from Dan Friedman

[I had to rub my eyes. The Times headline reads Timbuktu Endured Terror Under Harsh Shariah Law. But let’s not get carried away. Over the years, the whores on 8th Ave. have developed techniques to rein in stories that, in part, stray from “the narrative.” In this case the editors found a “real Muslim” (a doctor no less) to act as official spokesman and assure us that the Sharia savages don’t represent true Islam - the religion of peace and heroic MDs. Naturally, the editors give that man the last word. Par for the course. Under no circumstances will the Times allow its readers to get any ideas and start putting two and two together. Heaven forefend! df]
Read the whole story here.
h/t: Jared Silverman, Esq.

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