Friday, 1 February 2013

Stand and Deliver!..................from Rico

Yesterday's "highwaymen" used to demand their victims 'stand and deliver' their valuables to them when robbing coach passengers.
- What perfect irony then to have today's "highwaymen" (the Cartel robbers) hearing and fearing the same words!

For the 'low information' sorts who get their news from the money honeys of FTV, or the 'tingly leg' MSM, some background.
- Ever since the CFTC was compromised and the markets corrupted, it has been SOP for the Cartel to conduct paper raids in Gold and Silver on the COMEX around options expiry and first day notice to 'discourage' any longs from standing for physical delivery. The monthly BLS-BS report and FOMC meetings are merely 'bonus' opportunities for manufactured market events if the manipulators see the need to further 'manage' prices and/or 'scare' the longs silly.

For some perspective, December is typically the biggest delivery month of the year.
- Last December's Gold delivery was 10 tons.

Yesterday's massive Cartel paper raid (and today's attempt to play whack-a-mole in the spot market) was a big FAIL writ large.
- With 1,390 contracts standing for delivery (that's 1,310,900 ounces of Gold, or 43.26 tons) on this first notice day, I wonder how many of those Gold contracts standing can be seduced by the ever-charming Blythe of the House of Dimon to accept paper instead of physical?

Despite the obvious and transparent MOPE, and the Cartel's rope-a-dope game, physical will be standing at the end of the day and have greater value than the soon-to-be completely worthless paper promises of our modern 'highwaymen' will have.

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