Friday, 15 February 2013

Ignorance is bliss?.......................from Rico

Is the phenomenon of the "low information voter" tied directly to the "low education voter?" If so, then the United States of Stoopid owes a big thanx to Jimmuh Carter who created the Department of Education, proving once again that anything government touches and/or tries to 'fix' gets broken. One in five Americans lack basic reading skills beyond 4th grade, and roughly 23% of the US is illiterate. - I guess we owe a 'shout out' to the teacher's unions for their contributions as well. Government + unions = paying more and getting less.

"23% of America is Illiterate​"


Anonymous said...

Obviously, more money has to be spent on education. We're sort of moving towards turning the entire country into a school - citizens are treated as children, infotainment news tries to "teach" you stuff about politics and professor Obama wants to treat you as unruly students.

Bill said...

More money on education? The need for higher academic standards and educational rigor is indicated, not more money necessarily.

Schools have become indoctrination and daycare facilities more concerned about various correctnesses and false self-esteem. American teachers themselves are barely literate.

All that may be moot. It's a death spiral, scholastically speaking, in which ignorance begets ignorance.

America is 'pooched' economically, culturally, morally and politically, in my opinion. It's at the 'bread and circuses' stage of Roman civilization and about to enter that of utter dissolution and breakup.