Thursday, 14 February 2013

Priceless!...............from Rico

Home prices vs. Gold prices. When Bob Shiller says that 'real' (inflation adjusted) home prices are back at 1894 levels, he speaks from facts and tells the truth. Does this graph LOOK like "recovery" or "forward" to you? - Anyone who says so speaks from click-your-ruby-slippers land and/or lies. Priceless. Consider Gold for a moment. - The average price for one ounce of Gold in 1894 was $18.94, and it averaged $1,700.00 for 2012. The intraday 'spot' as I type this today is near $1,647.00 (nominal). This relates neatly to the devaluation of the Dollar since 1913, btw. Priceless. Gee...I wonder which makes a better long-term investment?

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