Sunday, 17 February 2013

Remotely Distinguis​hed...................from Rico

This is NOT even remotely distinguished! The US Air Force is establishing a Distinguished Warfare Medal for operators who remotely (from combat) play with a video controller while sitting safely on their ass. - It will rate above a Bronze Star for valour. Here are just a few other decorations rumored to be under consideration. - Gives new meaning to the Air Force's "Aim High" slogan...let's try instead "Aim High you're Peeing on your Shoe."


John said...

There are many people who retired without ever going overseas, because their career fields (such a ballistic missile maintenance) exist only in the CONUS.

There would be no first device on the "Captain forever" ribbon. Officers of any rank who are passed over twice must leave the service at the end of their commitment time. This would happen long before any captain had been one for more than eight years.

Senior airmen who are not promoted to Staff sergeant are not allowed to re-enlist after their tenth year.

And threatening to retire if offered a PCS? The service *wants* its eligible people to retired. A PCS offer would appear the next day and that would be it.

And since there is a ribbon granted to all boot camp graduates, the Never Earned a Ribbon ribbon would never be awarded.

LifeoftheMind said...

Left out the "Best Hotel, Bar and Restaurant" ribbon.

The USAF, the viable alternative to military service.

The amazing thing is that they do the actual combat part so incredibly well. They do treat their people better. The noncombatant tail is so huge that it should be hived off. We could call it something else. I know, call it the Department of Education. Seriously the tech side, Cyber and Drones, are important but they shouldn't get valor rewards slotted above a Bronze Star. There is a noncombatant Bronze Star. There are medals for senior officers for basically not getting fired.