Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Sunday Best..........

Hugh John Mungo Grant and Tinglan Hong

What a Breath of Fresh Air!

The new and triumphant "yankee doodle dandy" ..... the sovereign citizen ..... for, we are in fact, in theory and in law sovereign .....

Libya arrests suspected Christian missionari​es

Why Japan Can't Quit Nuclear Power

Senior IRGC official killed in Syria 'was no less than Mughniyah'

Could Dodd-Frank be unconstitu​tional?

New report questions FAA's airline safety promise

Water and the Slippery Slope to Conflict in the Middle East

The First Political Battlegrou​nd Over Gun Control Is Between Democrats

In Guam, gun tourism is big business

The Coming War: A Military Doctor’s Field Guide To Masturbating In Afghanistan

G20: No deliberate currency weakening

Your 2016 Advance Tip Sheet

$1000/Hr: Obama Books World's Top Golf Pro for Vacation

George Osborne and Obama have got it wrong

Hunt for Burma Spitfires called off

500th anniversary for Britain’s 'forgotten' battle

Obama ducked chance to end America's financial death-spiral

After the Arab Spring: Al-Jazeera Losing Battle for Independence

Islamist Militia Behind Benghazi Attack Makes a Comeback, Obama Golfs

Iran points finger at Israel for IRGC general’s death, vows revenge

You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists – or Democrats

Obama Gets Pointers From Tiger Woods’ Former Coach

and finally..........

The Maggie's Farm Classic Mommys of America Cheap 'n Easy Winter Supper Cookbook

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