Thursday, 12 September 2013

Overnight News.............

SOE ‘Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’

"Cold bore" target at 600 yds w/ .308 winchester ....

Democratic Strategist​: Syria 'One of the Most Humiliatin​g Episodes in Presidenti​al History'

Sources: US weapons stolen in Libya raids, fueling Special Forces Pull Out

Bikers arrive in Washington DC

Obama speech: As confused as his policy

More Than Memorials Needed on 9/11

Obama’s Stirring Case Against Obama

The other anniversar​y: One year later, trying to figure out why we were in Benghazi

CDR Salamander​: 1st Sea Lord Goes Salamander

Russian president trolls Obama, entire United States with NYT op-ed

The Anti-Male Craziness at Yale

Liberal Princeton Professor Cornel West Appears At “Million Muslim March” In DC: It’s A “Possibility” 9/11 Was An Inside Job…

Dozens Attend 9/11 Million Muslim March

Video: Leno Rips Jerk Obama Over Syria; People In Kenya Now Say He Wasn't Born There

“Putin now just basically doing donuts in Obama’s front yard” IowaHawk tweet

Python attacks and kills 60-pound Siberian husky

Gun rights groups roil politics with Colo. recall win

Poll: Obama Worse Than Bush on Foreign Policy

Less estrogen to blame for older men's flab, lower libido

Prominent atheist: What's wrong with a little "mild pedophilia​"?

Total recall: Gun-contro​l advocates get booted from CO office

Watching the Middle East Implode

WSJ op-ed writer Elizabeth O’Bagy fired for resume lie

Beach air show takes flight

9/11 fallen remembered at Pensacola NAS ceremony

Cincinnati Reds to play Wahoos in exhibition game

International Paper, largest employer in Lawrence County, to close plant by early 2014, lay off 1,100

Record number say U.S. less safe today than before 9/11

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