Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Muhammad Speaks: "Bah Humbug"....................from Dan Friedman

[Liberal Christians (and media) need to ask themselves a question tonight: Why have they gone mute when their brethren are being brutalized by Islamic oppression? Are they saving all their bile for pointing an accusing finger at Israel? Or are they afraid that once they sound the alarm, the rank and file could start having naughty thoughts, such as Islam is doing to Christians what they would do to Jews – if only they had the chance. And that, friends, would deal a fatal blow to the “Palestinian narrative.” Something to be avoided at all costs. df]
Be shocked by these examples. As Christians in the West go to church and worship during this Christmas season, it is well to reflect on how merely going to church to worship can be life-threatening for Christians in the Islamic world. One can only hope -- perhaps in vain -- that this Christmas does not add new victims to a very long list

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Bill said...

"Liberal Christian" that's a term that is approaching the realm of oxymoron. I suppose it could be surmised that a liberal Christian is one that wants to get the maximum benefit from Christ's death and subsequent resurrection without paying any heed to the rest of the Bible.