Thursday, 30 January 2014

Is it Too Late to Stop Iran's Bomb?..............................from Dan Friedman

[There are many tactics Obama can use to stay the hand of Israel and blunt the outcry to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He is now seguing effortlessly into it’s-too-late-they’ve-already-have-it mode. That is, preparing Israel and the rest of the world to “live” with Iran’s H-Bomb. You’d think Israel would turn off Obama’s noise (as well as Europe’s), and make an independent decision based on their own intelligence and military prowess. But its weak and indecisive leader is making that difficult or near impossible. Pity. What is undeniably true about all this is that time is of the essence. df]
By Tom Wilson
In yesterday’s State of the Union address President Obama spoke stridently of how “American diplomacy … has halted the progress of Iran’s nuclear program—and rolled back parts of that program.” The president spoke with apparent pride of the “peaceful” efforts being taken to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. How then to explain the fact that less than twenty-four hours after that speech was given, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was being informed that Iran essentially already has breakout capacity for building the bomb should it wish to do so?

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