Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sweet 'promises' in your ear, and nothing in your hand.......................from Rico

This is so 'routine' and has happened with such regularity, that many will call today's smash of the precious metals (Gold and Silver) on the CRIMEX just another "classic" post-FOMC drive by paper raid.

I think there is another "message" here that goes beyond the usual 'wise guy' shenanigans.

- It is two fold: (a) SELL your physical (COMEX claims are running over 122 paper claims for every physical ounce in inventory), and (b) BUY into MyRA and other paper.

The panicked will not stop to consider that "if they want us to dump physical that badly, and move into paper there must be a reason."

- There IS a reason. Paper can be manipulated while physical cannot, and while the 1% will not openly say it ...they want ALL the physical for themselves. They know how quickly paper 'promises' can become worthless.

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