Wednesday 29 January 2014

Late News.................

Army Looks to Build Air-Droppable Armored Vehicle

Iraq Revisited: Where Are the War Protesters Now?

US Navy Faces Aircraft Carrier Cuts

How Do Hitmen Operate?

Of Mad Men, Pen in 'Action,' and Al-Qaeda in 'Defeat': Obama's State of the Union

Budweiser Set to Charm the World With Its 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl Ad

Glob​al Warming Crisis: Another Obama Great Lie!

State of the Union: Obama's Benghazi Insult

DHS Purchases 1.2 Billion ‘Domestic Anti-Personnel’ Rounds

Three Pensacola area bases delay reopening

SOTU fact check: There's no red tape stalling road projects

Charlie Crist won't debate Democratic rival Nan Rich

Coast Guard in Miami Beach showcases $37 million cocaine haul from southern Caribbean

Fugitives in canoe no match for cops in motorboat

Villages resident builds T-shirt-shooting mini-tank

Random Thoughts

Did D'Souza Hit a Nerve?

Of Mad Men, Pen in ‘Action,’ and Al-Qaeda in ‘Defeat’: Obama’s State of the Union

Is This the Most Offensive Line in Obama's State of the Union Address?

The what and why of Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms

Video || Fireworks at Obama’s SOTU

The Five Best Things About Obama’s SOTU Speech

Totalitarian Troubadour: We shouldn’t forget that Pete Seeger was Communism’s pied piper.

Surprise: California Hires Convicted Felons to Administer Obamacare

Nothing ‘lame duck’ about a president working to bring down America

Political Class and Crony Capitalism: Communism under a Different Name

Putin's Games: Influence Peddling at the Feeding Troughs of Sochi

Federal Reserve cuts QE by further $10bn to $65bn a month

Syria 'may be able to produce biological weapons'

Egypt to put 20 al-Jazeera journalists on trial

EU has secret plan for police to 'remote stop' cars

Ukraine on verge of 'civil war', says ex-president

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