Wednesday 29 January 2014

SOTU - Said and Heard......................................from Rico

There is a yawning chasm between what the kept-whores of the MSM, the fellow travelers and useful idiots of Congress, and the loyal ignorati rank-and-file Obamunists 'said' he said and 'think' he said, and what I 'heard' him saying.

The PLAN. A "year of action."

- Oh yeah, exactly the kind of 'action' you can observe in third-world juntas, banana republics, or Lil' Kim's North Korea, or read about having happened in Mao's Red China or Stalin's Soviet Union.

- Just like we're seeing exactly what kind of CHANGE this 'diktatur' really meant, we are going to see what kind of ACTION he really means.

The MEANING. "Screw all of you, I'll do whatever I want to."

What he said = What I heard him say

- 'Ending income inequality' = I am a Marxist.

- 'With or without Congress' = I am an enemy of the Constituton.

And the punchline, and what actually worries me most?

- No one in the audience stood up, turned their back on this treasonous wretch, and walked out on him.

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