Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Some Consider These as Qualificat​ions and Prerequisi​tes.....................from Rico

There clearly are some who would consider side-stepping the Constitution plus being an unethical liar and dishonest to be prerequisites for the Presidency these days. - That Comrade Hitlery has added murderess (Benghazi) to her list of qualifications is added icing on the collectivist cake for them And yes, she is next in line to become pResident after Comrade Barry. - There are now enough stupid voters and economic parasites (combined with ACORN-style voting fraud) to guarantee that she will 'win' too. It may have been Stalin who said the number of votes didn't count as much as who was counting the votes, but sensitive Communist murderer that he was he also remarked that one death was a tragedy, while one million deaths was merely a statistic. - I wonder were the four dead at Benghazi would have fallen for him? We already KNOW Hillary's position: "What does it matter?"

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