Monday, 3 February 2014

Late News...................

American Tanks Return to Europe After Brief Leave

Christie's bodyguard busted in Pennsylvan​ia theft

President Obama's vulnerabilities were there for everyone to see in the pre-game interview

'Jerusalem Post' columnist Barry Rubin dies

GOP War on Conservati​ves Backfires

The Stealth Carbon Tax

Wiarton Willie sees shadow, forecasts 6 more weeks of winter

What the State of the Union says about the state of our Youth

A Beat-up, Exhausted, and Terrified Republican Establishment by VDH

Obama denies 'even a smidgen' of IRS wrongdoing in O'Reilly interview

Feds to propose requiring car-to-car communicat​ion

Recruiting fraud, kickback scandal rocks Army

Boeing The Seahawks' 12th Man

'Little Dougie' does it: Baldwin makes family proud with Super Bowl win

3 'Lone Soldiers' join to share stories of service in Israel

New York man charged with threatening George W. Bush

Obama Undermines DOJ Probe of IRS Targeting

Keystone May Still Be Headed for Rejection

Fmr. Negotiator: Iran ‘Will Never’ Dismantle Nuke Program

While Obama Resets, Putin Rearms

Obama’s Trickle–Down Lawlessness

The Mainstream Media’s Unbiased Bias

Jordan invokes 1994 peace treaty with Israel for a say in Kerry’s Jordan Valley security and Jerusalem plans

Priest warns starving Syrians could turn on each other as people lose their minds from extreme hunger

Deluge dilemma: UK lacks flood funds to protect both town & country

Arms Exports: Berlin Backs Large Defense Deal with Saudi Arabia

Does America Even Need a Strategy for Asia?

China helps global defence spending rise for first time in five years

EU and US offer 'carrot' to Ukraine to lure country away from Russia

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