Monday, 3 February 2014

Why I Don't Trust BB (and You Shouldn't Too).......................from Dan Friedman

Below, Ted Belman of Israpundit reacts to Netanyahu's reported acceptance of Kerry's "framework agreement." Note well: This is another complete turnaround of  principle, a tactic that's become synonymous with Bibi since his Two State, two-faced speech at Bar-Ilan in 2009.  Note too that Netanyahu "bypassed the Cabinet," thereby elbowing his way around the  judgment of the Israeli people who put him in power based on promises he now reneges on. Another ploy that's become associated with him.
By accepting this framework, Bibi is accepting the same preconditions he so vehemently rejected six months ago. Regardless of whether the framework is binding or not, Israel will be committed to uprooting 150,000 Jews which is about 50% of the settlers outside Jerusalem. We get nothing out of this deal that we didn’t already have. No one can force the right of return on us nor define us. And this deal leaves Jerusalem out of the question. It must be rejected. If the Iran deal was a “bad deal” this is a horrible deal.
Do not extend negotiations on these terms. I am saddened that this trio are going to accept it.
How can they bypass the Cabinet when so much is being given away. The government should fall over this. - Ted Belman

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