Thursday, 6 February 2014

R.I.P. Debt Ceiling.........................from Rico

The MSM apparently hasn't 'noticed' this yet, the hacks currently infesting what used to be the 4th estate [but has now become the kept-whores of the Democrats (C)] have been slow to catch on.

- But, you'd have to be a bit 'slow' to hang around with Tingly Legs Matthews and the rest of that lot.

- The public at large, and wide swaths of Congress also have to be included in this 'slow' categorization.

My point? The Republic has now become a Regime. It's the law.

- Quit sputtering and let me explain.

There has already been a major transfer of power.

- As part of the 17 Oct 2013 Continuing Appropriations Act passed by Congress 20 Oct 2013, hundreds of years of 'law' was changed transferring final spending authority (the nation's purse-strings) FROM the Legislative Branch (Congress) TO the Executive Branch (Barry LNU - Last Name Unknown). The former third Branch of government, the Judicial having already been coopted and neutered.

THINK about this for a moment.

- This is HUGE. While pondering what this means, also consider Meyer Amschel Rothschild's famous remark about 'not caring who made a nation's laws as long as he had control of the money.' We're not talking about a 'smidgeon' here, but ALL the money.


- Unnoticed, there is no more 'debt ceiling' in Congress to suspend, raise, or lower. It has been permanently suspended, along with the Constitutional Republic (ref infra).

Thank you Democrats (C).

- Whether America 'noticed' or not, thanks to your untiring efforts everyone will now get to 'embrace the suck.'

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Glenn Mark Cassel said...

They must think all that cash comes from a unicorn's ass............