Monday, 3 March 2014

Can You Say " Allāhu Akbar" in Chinese?..........................from Dan Friedman

[In China, at least 29 people were stabbed to death by a group of machete-wielding “terrorists.” The hideous attack happened on Saturday, but you’re excused if you haven’t got wind of it yet. Our state-run MSM has chosen to downplay the story, and instead, has gone into narrative-protection mode. For one thing, connecting Islam to the violence going on around the world could start the average guy thinking the Islamist jihad is the common denominator and that the Arab-Israeli conflict needs a new name: Muslim-Jewish conflict sounds more accurate to me. Why TIME has chosen to spill the beans and mention that Muslims were behind the attack in China is anyone’s guess. Of course, after one call from the White House TIME could issue a retraction. df]
TIME, March 01, 2014

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