Monday, 3 March 2014

The Dream Team..............................from Rico

Barry Boy Marxist has purposely built his "dream team"...this was no accident or coincidence:

SecState Kerry (a world-class dipshit)

DNI Clapper (a world-class liar and career bureaurat)

DCI Brennan (converted to Islam while COS Riyadh)

SedDef Hagel (a world-class Jew hater)

Chmn Jt Chiefs Dempsey (tell me he's worth shining Petraeus's boots)

This truly IS a "dream team" if you (a) are having a nightmare, (b) your idea of heaven is four wives and no booze, or (c) you want to show up the French as surrender monkeys.

It has not yet been confirmed that the sole qualifying question to get their appointments was being able to say "ryuki vyerk" * clearly and convincingly in Russian.

* Rough translation: 'I surrender'

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