Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Et tu, Netanyahu?......................from Dan Friedman

[The conventional wisdom (or the popular alibi) wants us to believe Netanyahu is trying to ride out Obama's last (?) term ending in January 2017. Stories like the one below which show Netanyahu & Co. bending over backwards to keep the chimerical "peace process" alive, put the lie to that theory. To paraphrase Winston Churchill's retort to Neville Chamberlain: Bibi, you were given a choice between chasing peace or living under the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons. You chose peace and didn’t receive it, and now Iran has its bomb. df]
Israel Hayom, 3/12/2014
Poll: Large majority of Israelis don't trust Kerry on security

FM Avigdor Lieberman: As always, the Palestinian side is the rejectionist one that refuses to reach an agreement • Israel expects U.S. and Europe to pressure Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to agree to a one-year extension of peace talks.

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