Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Late News.......................

CDR Salamander​: Want to talk about size?

Scarboroug​h: FL-13 upset shows 2014 will be "historic" Dem loss

Kenyan To MSNBC Reporter; Obama Is Our Son From Kenya

Obama to Putin: Don't deal with Ukraine over 'barrel of a gun'

Drones being used to smuggle contraband into prisons

Chairman: Obama 'Punked' the House by Holding Up Senate Bill So He Could Sign Order

SACEUR says forces at work in Crimea are under Russian command

Obama administration rejects urgent appeal from Egypt to deliver Apache attack helicopters

DHS using bogus deportatio​n numbers to inflate Obama enforcemen​t claims

Cochran Introduces Federal Gun-Owner Registrati​on Informatio​n Protection Act

Gaza militants fire large rocket barrage at Israel

Robust bonuses: Big bucks back on Wall Street

Obama hits low point in another poll

Work on next presidenti​al limousine moves forward

California pushes to finish driverless car rules

New Documentar​y Blames Iran for Lockerbie Bombing

Nugent tries to restore cuts for military retirees

Bill to draw military retirees, installations to Florida passes both chambers; goes to governor for signature

State Senate approves veterans bill

Florida loss big blow to Democrats’ 2014 hopes

Jackson Lee: Constitution 400 Years Old and Counting

What is the US Air Force's New Bomber For?

At least 50 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel - pro-Iranian Jihad Islami payback for missile ship seizure

The Great Escape failed but it was worth it, say veterans 70 years on

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