Sunday, 29 November 2015

Enough IS enough........................from Rico

The gunsmoke had barely dissipated from the latest "mass shooting" (which left three dead) and pResident Barry Soetoro (no wonder he uses that alias, BS is too close to the truth) rushed to the microphones to say "enough is enough" and "we have to DO something."
- And, I suppose there are many sheeple who believe he only wants to make everyone "safe" just like they are in Chicago, and that it makes perfect sense to turn over all guns to the government.
YES. You DO need to to something Barry. Put a cork in it.
- STFU. Unless you want to talk about Chicago, where the likelihood of being shot is routinely called playing the "ghetto lottery." By 23 Nov 2015 Chicago had clocked 2,703 shootings and 440 deaths.
No mention is made of Chicago's Mayor Rohm Enamel having been Barry's "never let a good crisis go to waste" White House consigliere or Chicago being heavily gun-controlled.
- Nor is their 2013 "violence tax" mentioned, which has seen gun crime numbers climb annually since imposition. [Working just as well as a "carbon tax" will 'work' to change the weather.]
The #BlackLivesMatter crowd is just as silent on Chicago as Barry. If there's no money to be made, then black lives don't matter so much to other blacks...Barry included.

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