Sunday, 29 November 2015

Uninformed vs. Misinformed...................from Rico

Mark Twain once famously remarked that "if you do not read the newspaper you are uninformed, and if you do you are misinformed."
- How little things have changed to this day.
Most are aware of a Russian jet being downed by Turkey for an "airspace violation" but how many are aware that it was because Turkey unilaterally 'moved' its border with Syria?
- Yes, in June 2012 Turkey moved its legitimate border with Syria 5 miles further into Syria.
That's the "violation" the Russkies are guilty of....observing the statutory boundaries of Turkey.
- No mention of the illegality of Turkey's illegal action in 2012.
Turkey's pResdient Erdogan is an asshole, and his son is brokering ISIS oil sales for personal profit while $upporting ISIS finances.
- US pResident Barry and Erdogan are BFF. No surprise here....they are both assholes.

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