Sunday, 27 December 2015

Caroline Glick Joins the Lynch Mob.....................from Dan Friedman

[Sorry to see you've joined the torch and pitchfork crowd on this one, Caroline. What did the Jewish section leak to you that made you sign on? I hope it was nothing less than the smoking gun because you’re now fully invested in a dubious outcome. Or did the Shabak skinheads show you the plot to take over the government and install a king? Would be a scoop for you if you named the anointed one in your next column. For some reason, I doubt it will be Netanyahu.
As for me, I prefer to wait for the trial and the verdict - if there is a trial or a verdict in the first place. I’m sort of an intellectual coward in that respect, or a skeptic in any case. In the interim, I’ll do what little I can to help the partisan Jews trying to bring the truth to light. But this is a watershed moment for Israel along the lines of the Kastner affair - and it’s make or break for your word and your reputation too. df]
By falsely accusing the state of committing torture, right-wing terrorism apologists advance the cause of terrorists.

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