Sunday, 27 December 2015

If the pearls fit...........................from Rico

Asking Hitlery's now 'famous' rhetorical question from another point of view, Nazi Pelosi, Weepy Boehner, Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.....'what difference does it make?'
Ryan slipped just as easily into Pelosi's pearls, as Boehner does into tears.
- All three of them (and nearly the entirety of Congress) are BBB (best butt buddies) of Barry, and repeatedly demonstrate that (1) THEIR interests are the same interests as their owner's interests [hint: that's NOT the people who voted for them], and (2) the great unwashed of the electorate (Red or Blue) might as well learn to assume the position, because they have been getting screwed on a fairly regular basis for some time now, and (3) this is NOT going to CHANGE no matter how hard they might HOPE.

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