Thursday, 3 December 2015

Face smeared with stolen Syrian oil........................from Rico

It looks like the Sultan of Turkey Erdogan has truly stepped in it.
- The idiot said he would resign if it were proven that he and Turkey were complicit in the purchase of ISIS oil being looted from Syria, which provides the revenue for ISIS to operate.
The Russian bear is obviously VERY angry with NATO country Turkey.
- What do you suppose they think of Turkey's US Ally and best palsy-walsy Barry (who somehow cannot 'see' or 'find' the ISIS oil terminus with 3,000 tankers traveling between Turkey and the ISIS caliphate?
During a briefing describing in great detail the Turkey-ISIS oil business, Deputy Minister of Defense said "Erdogan wouldn't resign if his face was smeared with stolen Syrian oil."
Since it's becoming increasingly clear who the bad guys really are, and that Erdogan and Barry are both function psychopaths, it's a safe bet neither one of them would 'resign' if their faces were smeared with the literal bullshit of their deceit.

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