Thursday, 3 December 2015

"Rollback" My Contribution to Ted Cruz's Dan Friedman

Here’s an idea that I believe could help Ted Cruz win the White House if he folds this simple theme into his campaign’s message:
Ted Cruz is the man most qualified, and dedicated, to repair and reverse the heavy damage brought about by Obama’s destructive years in power. A rollback and an American restoration.

: This is what millions of Americans – many of them Democrats – are already hoping for from the next president - i.e., put BHO’s genie back in the bottle. And this feeling will become more pronounced as things worsen here at home and aboard from now until the November election.
Full Disclosure: I have no way of knowing if this is an original idea or not. And I’m not claiming that it is. Whatever the case may be, Ted Cruz can feel free to use it without giving me credit or compensation.
A Request: Please circulate this widely – especially to people close to Cruz if you know any. There’s a lot at stake here. You know, the future of our country and the free world.


General P. Malaise said...

Cruz allowed the senate to give obama full control over the TPP.

Cruz will allow amnesty.

Cruz is GOP elite. not the GOP elites choice but still one of them.

He plays conservative knowing his vote wont count.

Cruz's wife is CFR and Goldman Sachs.

Anonymous said...

NO!!!! Don't put the genie back into the bottle!!!! Get it out in the open and then KILL IT! Kill it dead! Once and for all, deader then a doornail; deader then Hillary's heart, deader then...then....then
pant, pant, pant.....sorry but I think you get the idea
Oh AND I want the next prez to preface EVERY speech, with how he is going to right the wrongs that the progressives have wrought on this great country!