Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Gunny & Glock..........................from Rico

- I have always enjoyed R. Lee Ermey, but he has outdone himself in these Glock-sponsored vidclips.
I think I read somewhere that over half of all LEO's were Glock shooters.
- Glocks ARE ARE light, tough, reliable, and easy to use...but they are also 9mm. Ugh. Unless you have access to air-drilled or special ammo, or actually enjoy pumping multiple rounds into a bad guy, why use 9mm?
I may be a dinosaur, but I'm not a fossil yet. I have always preferred the "one-and-done" goodness of the reliable, simpler, and tougher 1911 .45ACP.
- Still do.
Nothing but nothing transfers more ballistic energy upon impact than the .45ACP.
I was 'made' to carry a 9mm SigSauer at one time. Didn't care for it much, but it was a better weapon than the Glock. I also briefly 'flirted' with the HK .45ACP version used by today's SEALs. It's OK, and it does NOT have the 'funny' trigger the Glock has. But, it's no 1911.
- So that said, the 1911 .45ACP (short OR long slide) is still my "go to" of choice. John Moses Browning was a genius.................
At the end of it, when push goes beyond shove, you either 'have' something at hand or you do not.
- If you do not, that is what the police, body bags, and crime scene cleanup are for. They will be there for you.


tsquared said...

I never found a 1911 that didn't pinch or hurt the palm of my hand. My dad was a 1911 fan and I was exposed to just about every 1911 manufacturer from the 60's to the 90's. His favorite 45 was a Colt Commander. The gun he shot the most was a Springfield Armory 1911 9mm - he wore that gun out.

What really matters is shot placement. A 32 caliber 6 gun was the gun of choice 100 years ago by most police departments. I have a 32 LC Colt Police Positive that is almost 100 years old that I learned to shoot with and is still one of my best shooters.

My choice for personal protection in the Glock 37 45GAP or G26 9mm depending on what I am wearing for concealability. A JHP out of a 9mm, 357, 10mm, or 45 is a devastating round and all are excellent choices for personal protection.

Anonymous said...

Nelson said...

I have only one problem with the video: Why didn't the young woman have a deadbolt on the door? That silly little knob is too weak for a bathroom door, let alone the front door.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rico, Rico, Rico....please try a Glock 20; or for some real delicious shooting, the Gen 4 Glock 40 with the MOS and all of those backstrap options....
I put a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro on mine, and gosh it is SO nice!
That 10mm round is nothing to scoff at; ask the Danish government.
They issue Glock 20's to their Sirius Sledge Patrol units stationed in Greenland - as a defense against polar bears!