Wednesday, 16 December 2015

"Get Ready for the Establishment Freak Out"...................from Dan Friedman

[Erick Erickson is a conservative pundit with a Christian POV. He's been at this a long time, as the title of his former blog, Red State, harkens back to an earlier political era. Here he is discussing the race for the Republican nomination. Thought you might like to see another conservative's opinion from one who’s in Marco Rubio’s corner. df]
It is already happening, but expect it to escalate.


Anonymous said...

A ruse. Kabuki theater.

There is no doubt. Rubio=Bush. Always has. Always will.

Erickson papers only a veneer of limited government constitionalism. He has a loyal history of doing bidding of he GOPe.

Duke Wavewalker said...

JMB was a genius, no doubt and I respect the .45.....not all Glocks are 9mm as you stated..."one and done" is a great concept which I do need to try the 10mm...IMHO, best handgun round EVER!