Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Only One Man Can Reverse BHO's Damage.........................from Dan Friedman

No one even comes close to Ted Cruz’s ability to put Obama’s evil genie back in the bottle. He’s the complete package. He understands the law, Congress and its politics. He loves our Constitution and our country with a passion. His sincerity, integrity and eloquence speak for themselves. He’s not afraid to butt heads with his own party. And he has a brilliant mind and a superb intellect that he will bring to bear on Day One of his presidency to heel the deep wounds Obama has inflicted on us at home and abroad. If you want someone who can get us on track again, why settle for second best when we can have an American leader who’s the genuine article? Let’s grab the brass ring while it’s still in reach. A man like Ted Cruz doesn’t come along everyday.
Watch this short video and see if you agree. Sen. Ted Cruz: Here’s How to Win the Battle Against ISIS


Anonymous said...

Nah, I don't want to put the genie back into the bottle....I want to stomp it, cut it, spindle and mutilate it. I want to have it gasp it's last breath and then burned beyond recognition. THEN and only then could I die in peace.

Dan said...

Much, perhaps most of the damage that Obama has done has been done by illegal actions on his part and on the part of others. NOBODY will be able to singlehandedly undo this damage while obeying the law. It would take Congress acting in concert with an honest POTUS to turn back the evil perpetrated by the
current administration. Anyone who believes that the commies posing a Demonrats in
congress will cooperate with a Cruz or a Trump to fix the damages is an abject moron. The next POTUS will be required to break the law and violate their oath if they wish to be successful in rolling back all of the things done since Jan 2009.