Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Note to Breitbart.Com's Chief Trumpette, John Nolte

A Note to John Nolte, Trumpette at Breitbart.Com:

(Why have I posted this here rather than at Breitbart.Com? Because Breitbart does WAY too much datamining. Not a good way to honor Breitbart.)

Re: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/02/16/weekly-standards-bill-kristol-makes-the-case-for-donald-trump/

This is why I (and reality) respectfully but vehemently disagree with your analysis:

Trump first Trumpets absurdities, lies, patently offensive statements/positions, etc.,

Then he Trumpifies it by equivocation and accusations that others just didn't understand or pay attention to what he really meant,

Then he Trumpificates by purporting to state what he really meant or intends to do but each such Trumpification also contains a Trumpization (as in a quantumization) that adds a qualification.

Then Trump will do what Trump wants to do and if anyone objects, he characterize their objection as a failure on their part to understand the Trumpization.

If Trump were to get the nominaiton, it will be like taking candy from a baby for the Hillary or Bernie or Whoever Democrat plus their obedient Media to convince "yuge" swaths of voters that Trump cannot be trusted, that he has no guiding principles easily discernible by anyone other than Trump.

 Hillary (or Bernie) (or Whoever) will easily win.

Regarding Iraq (and Bush 43 and Trump), watch "Back to the Future Knowing What We Know Now":



--Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com


Mark Matis said...

I'm sure that's why Union leaders are saying that over 30% of their members would vote for Trump. And Trump has more support from the Hispanic community than any other GOP candidate. And more support from Blacks as well. But then again, Cruz on. Go nominate someone who will be declared ineligible by the new Supremes. And who cannot self-fund, who will thereby be beholden to the donors who pay for his campaign.

You are why the GOP will die an appropriate death this November.

Eskyman said...

I can see from your article that facts would be wasted on you, so let me just say:
Fuck the Uniparty! Go Donald Trump!