Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Obama Mosque Visit - Fighting The Good Fight, Keeping The Faith...............from Daniel Thomas

Listening to the speech given by President Obama during his first visit to a mosque on American soil, one would be forgiven for thinking that he either genuinely believes what he is saying or he is indulging in a cynical campaign of historical revisionism in order to present the world's most indulged special interest group with a more benign image for 'fundamental transformation' purposes.

It could also be true what has been suspected since his appearance on the political stage; that his exposure to Islam during his formative years growing up in Indonesia has made him a sympathiser if not an actual adherent of this medieval so called religion.

His written and spoken word consistently extolling the virtues of Islam - while also being quick to absolve its adherents from guilt for the murder and mayhem they are visiting upon the planet - certainly lends credence to this point of view. In all probability it's a combination of all three.

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