Friday 4 March 2016

Clinton Email Mess: The Fight to Indict Hillary

On this episode of Trifecta, the trio discusses why the ongoing FBI investigation on Hillary Clinton’s classified emails is switching gears and focusing on her aides.

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Mark Matis said...

One more time:
The Obama Administration cannot afford to let Clinton be indicted, because she is privy to ALL his major treason during her time in office. As SoS, she took part in EVERY major decision made by his Administration. Benghazi? You betcha. Fast and Furious? You betcha.

Oh wait, you say, F&F was a DoJ operation by Eric the Red and crew. But you fail to understand that the "laws" it violated were International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). And ITAR belongs to State. Of course, I have no doubt that DoJ just worked behind her back in ignoring those regulations. And the fact that State employees in Mexico were specifically instructed to NOT talk F&F with their Mexican counterparts merely means that Holder went directly to those employees without going through the chain of command, and that those employees would follow his orders because, after all, they had no reason to worry about what Hillary would do if they crossed her.

But then again, maybe Hillary will be a good soldier, and if indicted will "take one for the team" and "go quietly into the night" because she cares so much about her party and her country. Or not...

Obama is DEATHLY afraid of her being indicted, because he knows full well that EVERY detail of his treason will gush out into full public view. That is why Lynch has given clear orders to the entire DoJ prosecutor team that under no circumstances are they to file an indictment against Clinton. And any rogue prosecutor who dares defy those orders does so under penalty of death.