Thursday 3 March 2016

Europe Is Defeated - The Battle For Britain Has Begun....................from Daniel Thomas

With the attention of the political pundits focused on the Presidential primary elections in the USA, the referendum to decide the future of Great Britain and the European Union (EU) has taken a back seat. It is however a ballot of such importance it could not only reshape Europe but could have far reaching consequences for the global elite that are dedicated to reordering the planet in line with their 'progressive' ideology.

The current phony 'refugee crisis' - it's actually a deliberately engineered economic migrant invasion - and the very real Muslim rape and violent crime epidemic has dominated the headlines of late and has tended to push the other EU disasters engulfing the peoples of Europe into the shadows.

Opening the borders to an unlimited number of economic migrants under the guise of a humanitarian response to the Syrian civil war is a last gasp scorched earth policy to complete the long planned replacement of the individual cultures of Europe before the EU finally implodes and falls apart at the seams.

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