Thursday 3 March 2016

Trump & The Deep Blue Dan Friedman

Here, in a sound bite, is my forecast for the remainder of the Republican race.
Cruz is now a solid number two behind Trump, and from here on he won’t be sharing the limelight with 6, 7, 8 Republican losers. And imagine, all this comes about with the media trying to ignore Cruz or position him as a non-factor. Now they'll have no choice but to cover Cruz generously. Increased visibility will gain Cruz even more support as people have a chance to focus on him and size him up. Then there is the party which is desperate to stop Trump. They will soon turn to Cruz and Rubio to form a joint ticket to stop him. And Cruz will be in a position to hold out for the #1 slot.
And that in a few words is how America can save itself.

1 comment:

RonF said...

"Now they'll have no choice but to cover Cruz generously."

Oh, you innocent, you. Of COURSE they can still ignore him. Trump says enough stuff that they can comfortable fill the airwaves with whatever he says. The time they have left they'll fill with whatever Sanders says - hopefully with an angry tone and his hair flying - and then cut to 10 seconds of Clinton looking calm and speaking in a dignified tone.