Monday 14 March 2016

Medical students demand an end to pricey licensing exam....................

Thousands of medical students across the country are demanding the elimination of a licensing exam that tests their patient care skills, arguing that it’s an expensive waste of time.

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Response to writers in STATNEWS:

Many of us read your article and were outraged by the arrogant, haughty and despicable mentality of future doctors entering a field where there are 1.5 million casualties ( which include injuries and deaths) left behind as collateral damage due to preventable medical errors.

I am sending you a link to the conference being held in Galveston, Texas October 17, 18th and 19th which focuses exactly on why the numbers injured, maimed and deaths due to preventable medical errors are on the rise each year, and not on a decline.

Their parents would be better off buying them an admission ticket to the conference and saving their hard earned money so the medical students could see first hand, the end results for many Americans attributed to the dangerous mentalities and lackadaisical attitudes these medical students are exhibiting.

Or, maybe the students offended by having to deal directly with their future patients might find it more convenient, less expensive and certainly less stressful if they found their license in a box of Cracker Jack?

Thank you for your time,

Cilla Mitchell

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Anonymous said...

"...most medical school faculty don’t have time to observe third- and fourth-year students doing a complete physical exam..."
Really? When I was a medical student, these skills were taught, tested, and retested, and were thought to be central skills of a competent intern/resident.
If the faculty do not have time to teach and assess these skills, what are they spending their time doing?