Tuesday 19 April 2016

BHO's Iran Deal: an "Unsigned, Implicit, Accord"......................from Dan Friedman

[It’s lovely here in NYC. Hope it's the same out your way. The sky is deep blue and cloudless - the same as it was on 9/11. While many of us have been consumed by news of the election, we've taken our eyes off Obama's Iranian debacle. Yes folks, “the agreement” is still out there between Obamanation and his BFF in Iran - and thanks to our Fearless Leader it's evolving everyday in the Mullahs' direction.
Perhaps Obama's greatest achievement was convincing us that it would be ten long years before Iran could do any real damage with their nuclear program. He calculated correctly that 10 years was well beyond American's attention span, and well inside our comfort zone. Give Hussein an A+ in psychology.
But please listen to a word from one who watches history closely: It’s not going to take ten years before we all realize what a high cost will be paid for allowing Barack Hussein Obama to pull the wool over our eyes. Click one or both of the links below to see what I mean. And have a lovely Sunday. df]

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