Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What I See..........................from Rico

What I "see" looking at this political cartoon is not a dunking booth but a slot machine....a one armed bandit....only with two levers to allow Americans DOUBLE the chance to LOSE.
- After a century of Socialist-Communist horrors [tyranny, mass genocide, crushing poverty....well you get the idea] you'd have to be either (a) a complete idiot, or (b) a very depraved individual to support a 100-year old failed system and either of the two Democratic national candidates who ascribe to it.
And looking at "Campaign 2016" so far?
- On the one hand, we have two aging Socialists yelling at one another while competing to give the most "free" stuff [read: taxpayer money] away to buy votes.
- On the other hand, we have a GOP more 'focused' on winning a convention than winning an election.
- With BOTH hands they are ALL damned lib'er-als, whether out of that closet or not, just sporting different gang colors.
Ted Nugent, please save America!

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