Friday 1 April 2016

Climate Change Shmucks...................from Rico

All of the "cooling" errrr "warming" errrrrrr "climate change" fraudsters are total shmucks. This is a phony 'problem.' FAKE.
- Yeah Al Bore and Barry Soetoroe. You are frauds and shmucks, which never makes for a great combination when combined with somewhat-less-than-average intelligence.
If you don't like the weather, wait and it will change. If you don't like Islam don't bother waiting, it will NOT change.
A little snow, or rain mixed with snow, or cold rain is called WEATHER, and it is not an 'existential threat' to anyone since it has never beheaded or burned-alive a single person as long as there has been life on this planet.....something Islam cannot say.
- Of course, this does distract focus from the REAL problem faced by civilized humanity. But that's rather the point of the exercise..............

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