Friday 1 April 2016

Trump is a Novelty Act & The Novelty is Wearing Off..................from Dan Friedman

It makes perfect sense for Trump to stoop to the gutter and attack Ted Cruz. In spite of his meretricious pretensions, it's where Trump feels most at home. Call it a preemptive strike against a man much better than him who’s also a threat to Trump’s grand delusions of power. Two birds with one stone. But now that the field has narrowed, it's a side-by-side comparison, mano-a-mano, and the glaring difference between the two will become even sharper. If you saw Trump yesterday talking with Chris Mathews about abortion on MSNBC, then you know the unraveling of Trump is well underway. The presidential wannabe was completely incoherent and out of his depth. It almost made me feel embarrassed for the poor guy.
Oh, one more thing. Cruz will beat Trump in Wisconsin next Tuesday.
Of course, I'm betting Americans can still recognize the genuine article, the wheat from the chaff, even after 8 years of rule under another imposter, Barack Hussein Obama. But if we do have an ounce of common sense left in our body politic, the romance with the Donald will be forgotten well before the Republican convention. Just in the nick of time to avert another disaster.

Trump’s paper of record?


Mark Matis said...

Y'all keep on suckin' that GD Rove Republican swill now. Fun times will be starting soon.

Mark Matis said...

Cruz on:

There is only ONE candidate who actually believes in Western culture, and will fight to restore it. And it ain't your Canadian.

Eskyman said...

OK, I'm now adding Dan Friedbrain to my don't-bother-reading list.

You forgot to mention that Trump supporters are all illiterate morons, idiots and jerks who want a new Hitler. Get it right or you won't ever be invited back to the wonderful parties the elites throw there in Washington.

Me, I'm still with Trump. Keep on throwing the crap, it makes it clear who is the one candidate who has you all pissing your diapers!

GO TRUMP 2016! Make America Great Again!