Monday 11 April 2016

Cruz: Any Port in a Storm?.....................from Dan Friedman

[Just as I had predicted on Thurs.:
If there’s an ounce of survival instinct left in the Republican party, the GOP apparatchiks will be so relieved they have a bona fide alternative to Trump at the convention  they’re going to embrace Ted Cruz like their favorite son. Why have an ugly knock down brawl, look like connivers in front of the entire country by bringing in a ringer at the last moment, when they can turn to a man who slugged it out with Trump from the beginning and beat him to a draw more or less?
Looks like their survival instinct is starting to kick in already - although you'd have to read a British newspaper to know it. Of course, you could say they’re backing Cruz only to steal the nomination with one of their own stooges. But first you’d have to believe Cruz is stupid, which he’s not.  df]

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