Monday, 11 April 2016

Pass the popcorn........................from Rico

Watching "Campaign 2016" has been more entertaining than I would have thought possible so far.
- Fair disclosure: I am always bemused watching "progressives" bounce off the wall of reality when trying to pass through the doorway of logic and common sense. I'm as easily amused by this as they are easily confused.
Today let's consider the Democrat Crazy Train.
- Sure, "Tank Boy" Dukakis, and "Bunny Suit" Kerry were briefly worth a few hearty laughs, but they don't come close to the never-ending guffaws provided by "Subway Rider" Hillary, who was SO hilarious that SNL just parodied it. But so far, Sanders has been the most fun to watch of all!
If I do not like him, or agree with him on anything, then WHY in the Sam Hill am I having FUN watching Sanders? Easy.
- Take his win in Wyoming for example. It was his 7th win out of the last 8 primaries....handily beating the Hillary "cheating 6" coin tosses in Iowa. The mental image of HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) making a face like a dog shitting razor blades upon hearing such news is priceless.............
Keep the popcorn coming, 'cause this show of shows isn't over yet!

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